Caring Together offers a support group that creates a supportive atmosphere for sharing tips for coping, current information, and resources for women affected by ovarian cancer and their families. This platform emphasizes the importance of encouragement and support from other people who understand what dealing with cancer is like. We provide a warm and open environment where everyone can share personal experiences and feelings.

The focus of each session is determined by those present. Individual experiences and topics of mutual interest are explored. Discussion frequently includes the variety of available treatments, management of side effects, and complementary therapies.




2nd Wednesday of each month


Hope Club, 1 Penny Lane, Latham, NY, 12110

Support group is open to those women currently in treatment, those in remission, family, friends, and caregivers

  • The name of our support group, “Caring Together” was picked to express what we survivors felt the group meant to all of us. We care by listening, supporting, and offering hope to one another while sharing our ovarian cancer experiences. As a member since inception, I’m thankful for having all the women who have been part of this support group in my life!
  • What the support group has meant to me: When I was diagnosed in 2009, I thought my life was over! Then I started coming to the group in 2010 and I started to see things differently. I soon began to realize that there are survivors who have survived with good quality of life, and that could be me too. It's not an automatic death sentence. I have met many women who have become an inspiration to me over the years. Yes, we have lost some, but not until they have many years of surviving with a good quality of life. Live life to the fullest cause whether you have cancer or not, you NEVER KNOW!

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Ann Purchase, MS, RN

I am a registered nurse and educator whose primary experience has been working in women’s health and gynecologic oncology; I am also a 9 year breast cancer survivor. In 1996 i was approached by a colleague and nurse friend who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She asked me, and Lorraine Dennis, RN, if we would start a support group, and so Caring Together was begun. A few years later the group became incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit and funding for research and support group activities became possible. The group has been the highlight of my nursing career. I have witnessed the courage and support that ovarian cancer survivors provide to each other as well as the growth of ovarian cancer advocacy and education. I am grateful to Val Schultz, NP, MS, RN who is a co-facilitator as well as the many survivors who support each other. I’d also like to send a special thank you to Suzanne Hodgkins and Mary Davis, just two of the long-time survivors who support the work of the board and the activities of the support group, without whom the work of Caring Together just wouldn’t be possible!

Val Schultz, FNP, MS, RN

I started with this wonderful group of Caring Together folks in 2005. I contributed as the Secretary of the Board for a few years and assisted with organizing the Race every September. Since then, I have been honored to help Ann Purchase as a co-facilitator for the monthly Support Group. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), currently practicing at Skidmore College’s Health Services & summers at Camp Greylock in Becket, Ma. I am a melanoma survivor.


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