Calendar of Events

• Run / Walk – September 10, 2023

• Let’s Raise the Volume Presentations 
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Turn the Towns Teal – Annually in the month of September

Survivors Teaching Students

A nationally recognized program that informs medical and nursing students about symptoms, risk factors, and challenges faced by ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers during diagnosis and treatments

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Community Education & Engagement Committee:

The Caring Together Community Engagement & Education Committee will be participating in local Health Shows and Exhibitions that focus on women. Volunteers are needed to help us “man the booth” at these events. Involves speaking about ovarian cancer to people who visit the table or booth. Training will be provided on specific information Caring Together relays, and how to respond to questions and topics raised. In addition, volunteers will partner at the event with a Caring Together member with experience at shows and expositions. Contact Pat Buckley

Digital Media

The digital media committee will inform and expand community involvement and awareness of our group and its goals. Our responsibilities include: maintaining our website, updating instagram / FB regularly, growing our presence online through giveaways, challenges, games, etc., and marketing / PR for group – reach out and make connections with local news and media outlets. Contact Bethany Schuldt.


The Fundraising Committee for Caring Together will be in charge of planning events and opportunities that will raise money that we use for donations to research, awareness events & materials and support group costs. Our goal is to expand fundraising from just the race to multiple smaller events throughout. Contact Bethany Schuldt.


The race committee is made up of many volunteers who have separate tasks to help plan the race from the planning phase, to race day, and beyond. We are always looking for volunteers to help make our biggest fundraising event even more successful.


The Research Committee will identify current research on Ovarian Cancer in line with our mission of finding an early detection screening tool and/or a cure. The committee will reach out to current funded researchers for updates on progress and funding needs, maintain contact with previous funded researchers (as able) on research updates, and investigate other Ovarian Cancer research opportunities as funding allows. Information will be shared at board meetings. Contact Kelly Owens or Kara Mitchell.

Survivor / Caregiver Support

The Survivor & Caregiver Support committee will work with the Support Group to enhance the lives of member Survivors and their Caregivers. We will organize celebrations (picnic, holiday party) for the Group, reinstate the Sunshine Team to send cards and flowers to those in treatment and/or experiencing difficult times, and create swag bags for newly diagnosed women. Once we are able, we would like to organize events with speakers to provide additional support and information or perhaps plan an educational event for those dealing with ovca. Call Maggi Royle (518-859-3963) to join our group.


The Volunteer committee’s main job is to recruit new volunteers and to organize current volunteers according to their interests and abilities. They are a point of contact if there are questions about different volunteer opportunities and to make sure we have volunteers for all of our events.


You are not alone! We are a support group of women facing ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to promote and support quality of life for those of us touched by this cancer.

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